2022 February Election SF voter guide

2022 February Election SF voter guide

San Francisco is having a special election on February 15 for the School Board Recall (aka Board of Education Recall), Assembly District 17, and San Francisco Assessor-Recorder.

If you’re a pissed off voter and want to vote for change, you have to vote for it. Don’t vote for the same people we’ve been electing for decades, vote against the incumbents and for newcomers and political outsiders.

How to vote in the February 15, 2022 Election

Vote YES on all three Board of Education recalls:

Vote for Joaquín Torres for San Francisco Assessor-Recorder.

Vote for Bilal Mahmood for Assembly if you live in Assembly District 17 (the East side of San Francisco). He’s a political outsider bringing fresh ideas to California, an entrepreneur and scientist, and completely aligned with what I want to see in San Francisco.

Not sure if you live in his district? Check out this map and address lookup tool.

Why these endorsements?

Read my post, “Four Reasons to Recall the School Board,” for my analysis on why I believe all three Board of Education commissioners deserve to lose their jobs for their abysmal performance and utter contempt for parents.

And then read the GrowSF voter guide for why you should vote for Bilal Mahmood.